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National flag of Romania

National flag of Romania
National flag of Romania
National flag of Romania
National flag of Romania
National flag of Romania
National flag of Romania
National flag of Romania
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National flags suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Made of special polyester material with increased UV and weather resistance.

Intense and vivid colors, with excellent front/rear visibility.

Polyester Material:

  • 100% polyester, weight 110 gr/m2
  • The material is treated as fire-resistant class B

The material is printed using the latest generation technologies with water-based ecological ink.

The edges are finished with a double perimeter hem, and in the attachment part there may be:

  • pylon/handle pocket
  • reinforced tape and plastic carabiners, for attaching to the mast
  • Fasteners: metal grommets/eyelets


The national flag of Romania (Romaniandrapelul României) is a tricolour. The Constitution of Romania states that "The flag of Romania is tricolour; the colours are arranged vertically in the following order from the flagpole: blue, yellow, red".[1] The flag has a width-length ratio of 2:3; the proportions, shades of colour as well as the flag protocol were established by law in 1994, and extended in 2001.[3]

The civil flag of Andorra and the state flag of Chad are very similar to the Romanian national flag. The similarity with Chad's flag, which is identical apart from allowing a broader range of shades of blue, yellow and red, has caused international discussion. In 2004, Chad asked the United Nations to examine the issue. However, then-president of Romania Ion Iliescu announced that there would be no changes to the flag. The flag of Moldova is similar to the Romanian tricolour, except that it has a 1:2 ratio, a lighter shade of blue, a slightly different shade of yellow, and the Moldovan coat of arms in the middle. The civil ensign of Belgium, while featuring vertical yellow and red columns similar to those of Romania's flag, uses black rather than blue as its first color.


Specifications for the flag of Romania
l = 23 L; C = 13 L

Law no. 75/1994, passed in September 1995, specifies that the stripes of the national flag are cobalt bluechrome yellow and vermilion red, but does not go into further detail. The publication Album des pavillons nationaux et des marques distinctives (2000) suggests the following equivalents in the Pantone scale:

Flag of Romania.svg
Source: Wikipedia


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