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National flag of Albania

National flag of Albania
National flag of Albania
National flag of Albania
National flag of Albania
National flag of Albania
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National flags suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Made of special polyester material with increased UV and weather resistance.

Intense and vivid colors, with excellent front/rear visibility.

Polyester Material:

  • 100% polyester, weight 110 gr/m2
  • The material is treated as fire-resistant class B

The material is printed using the latest generation technologies with water-based ecological ink.

The edges are finished with a double perimeter hem, and in the attachment part there may be:

  • pylon/handle pocket
  • reinforced tape and plastic carabiners, for attaching to the mast
  • Fasteners: metal grommets/eyelets


National flag

The national flag of Albania was standardized by Law Nr.8926, dated 22 July 2002 of the constitution and defined in articles II, III and IV.[17]

The color scheme laid out below, pertaining to the rules of heraldry, begins with the peripheral color followed by the nearest color.

 RED: #FF0000 

RGB: 255–0–0
HSL: 0°–100%–100%
HSV: 0°–100%–50%
CMYK: 0 –100% – 100% – 0
XYZ: 41.2400–21.2600–1.9300
LAB: 53.2329–80.1093–67.2201
Luminance: 54%
Distance: 1

 BLACK: #000000 

RGB: 0–0–0
HSL: 0°–0%–0%
HSV: 0°–0%–0%
CMYK: 0 – 0 – 0 –100%
XYZ: 0.0000–0.0000–0.0000
LAB: 0.0000–0.0000–0.0000
Luminance: 0%
Distance: 0

A summarized translation of the law is written below:

§ Article II – Definition

1. The national flag is a national symbol.

§ Article III – Shapes and dimensions of the national flag
1. The national flag represents a blood red field, with a black double-headed eagle in the center, with open wings on the sides. Each of the eagle's wings has nine feathers, while the tail has seven feathers.
2. The dimensions of the national flag have an aspect ratio of 1:1.4
3. The appearance of the national flag, the strength of its colors and the ratios are those defined in appendix no.1, which is attached to this law and is an integral part of it.

§ Article IV – Usage of the national flag
1. Every Albanian citizen has the right to hold, raise or use the national flag.
2. All public institutions are obliged to place the national flag inside or outside their facilities. It is forbidden to raise or place foreign flags, except in cases of receptions or protocol ceremonies and other solemnities, provided by law, but always accompanied by the national flag. In this case the national flag can not be smaller than other flags.
3. The national flag is used in cases of ceremonial meetings of state institutions with representatives of foreign countries; freely at the desks of officials in state institutions and by legal entities; in buildings and vehicles of representatives of the Republic of Albania serving abroad and in all cases when Albania is officially represented as an involved party. The national flag is layed in the most visible place or in the same place where the other flags are layed.

4. In case of a national mourning, announced by a decision of the Council of Ministers, the national flag is raised at half-mast.

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